When it comes time to transport your vehicle, or vehicles, to another city, you are faced with several decisions.

One, which carrier do you work with and trust to do the best job.

Two, by what means do you want to transport your car or truck?

We have discussed the first question in an earlier blog posting.  Your best bet is to go with a professional broker who can find you the best deal and can cut through the red tape and get the job done efficiently and professionally.

As for the means of transporting, you have several choices:

  • Open transport by truck
  • Closed transport by moving van
  • Transport by air

The first two options are for those who are not in a particular hurry to move their vehicle.  Often times car transports are booked far in advance, so making reservations in advance is the best advice, and of course booking during non-peak seasons is also helpful.  Transporting in an open auto carrier means an added possibility of small damage to the body of your car because of thrown rocks or weather-related events.  Transporting by closed carrier is more expensive but safer for your vehicle.

The last option is easily the best option if money is not a consideration.  Transporting your vehicle by plane is fast and efficient.  Yes, it does cost extra money, but it also guarantees that your vehicle will be in the new city almost immediately and that it will arrive with an almost zero chance of damage.

Transporting by air is in fact the preferred method for most pro athletes and entertainers who have the resources to pay for the extra cost, and who like the convenience of having their favorite vehicle delivered quickly.