Never Place Personal Items in Transported Vehicle

A word today about placing personal items in a vehicle scheduled for transport.

It would seem like a “no big deal” sort of thing, right?  Your vehicle is being transported to a new city, and just before it is picked up by the carrier, you put a few personal items in the vehicle for safe transport along with the vehicle?  Who’s to know? Who’s to care?

It turns out there are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t do this and why most vehicle transport companies prohibit the inclusion of personal items in a vehicle being shipped.

First, it is against FMCSA regulations for auto carriers to transports personal possessions within the vehicle.  Carriers literally can be fined for doing this.

Second, insurance companies will not cover the loss or damage of personal items within a transported vehicle.

Third, there are strict weight limitations that vehicle carriers must adhere to.  The additional weight inside the vehicle may cause an overweight situation. When that happens, the carrier must either risk fines for being overweight or they must refuse to take the vehicle. Considering the severity of the punishment, most carriers will refuse the vehicle.

Fourth, extra weight can cause damage to the undercarriage of the transporting vehicle during the loading and unloading process.

Add it all up and it equals some very formidable and logical reasons why people should never store personal belongings inside a vehicle scheduled for transport.



Floyd Mayweather Loses Cars In Transport via Fire

It was just reported that a vehicle transport carrying four luxury cars owned by Floyd Mayweather caught on fire in Phoenix, Arizona.  Two Roll-Royces, one Bentley and one custom Jeep were destroyed by the early Wednesday fire.

The vehicles were being transported from Las Vegas to Miami when the trailer carrying the cars caught on fire. According to the Arizona State Patrol the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but they report there were no injuries.

This is, of course, an unfortunate and sad event, but it also serves as a valuable lesson that anytime you are transporting vehicles you must always make sure the carrier or broker has sufficient insurance to cover such accidents.

Generally, luxury and exotic vehicles are best transported in enclosed trailers rather than open trailers. There is much less chance of damage occurring on a transport when an enclosed trailer is used.   When looking for an auto carrier, inquire about enclosed trailers and if they are not available, keep searching for carriers until you find one.  It really is the safest way to transport expensive vehicles.

Pro Sports Auto Transport has vast experience in shipping luxury and exotic vehicles nationwide.  We are in the business of providing peace of mind for the vehicle owner.  The greatest care is taken, the finest carriers are used and more-than-adequate insurance guarantees that your vehicles are fully covered and protected no matter where you want them shipped.



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Auto shipping companies are everywhere when you need them. Using auto shipping companies to move cars and relocate people can be an excellent asset to helping your business grow depending on the industry you’re in. It’s important to expand the abilities and services of your business to reach new horizons. Learning how to do this can be a complicating process so expect to do this one step at a time by slowly cultivating your connections. The big question is what industries would use an auto transportation company to move vehicles? This is a prime market and not every one moving can afford to pay a company to shuttle their car across America to the next place. Here are the industries that should take a serious look into using the services offered by auto transport companies.

Relocation Services

If they are servicing professional athletes, congress men or celebrities then this would be a good place to star. If these are like any other business then they are looking to delegate the tasks being performed out to smaller companies. So if they can get the contract then you can get some of the work on a smaller contract like shipping the car. People doing this have prize possessions like their cars that they would like to take with them when they are on the road so making connections with the people who own these businesses could turn into a great asset to have on your team.

Concierge Services

Concierge services are catering services. If they get a client staying in their city for any amount of time and would like a car delivered to them then this is another place in the auto transport industry. You can find a great amount of opportunity moving cars from one city to the next a back. Auto transportation is giving people the luxury of renting and riding whatever kind they want.

Auto Auctions

They have to get all the cars to the auto auction to make it work so try building contacts here. Insurance companies work with auctions to sell off all the assets that they acquire. Some of them may be in the best of conditions but will still have to be transported to the place being. This is where the auto transporter can offer their services to gain an inside track to get the business. Getting in on the ground floor is important so make these connections early. You never know what can come out of making friends in any industry when you do car shipping.

Thank you for reading my article and if you need an auto transport company to get your vehicle or vehicles from one location to the next then call Pro Sport Auto Transport at 424-272-5502. They specialize in getting your belongings from one place to another with safety and with security. car transport


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When relocating to another city we like to travel with all of our belongings and that includes our cars. So how would one go about finding a way to move a car from one place to the next without adding miles to the speedometer? This is a great time to acquire the services of an auto transport company but with so many choices how do you know which one to go with? If you let it this can become a decision that can complicate moving unless you answer these essential questions.

Is The Company Affordable?

Moving is a stressful situation and the last thing a person or family wants to do is over-step their budget. Answering the question “does the car shipping company that I’ve chosen have affordable pricing” is paramount. Moving is very expensive so finding an affordable auto transport service is at the top of everyone’s list to reduce stress while at the same time making an easy transition.

Will Your Car Be Safe?

The company that’s transporting your car needs to care for your vehicle like it’s their own. There are too many things that can go wrong when traveling and with moving being stressful as it is adding worries is never a good idea. The company that you choose needs to have enough insurance to cover the cost of your vehicle and any damages that could be acquired during the commute. You need to know how your vehicle is transported while also making sure that the driver moving your car is experienced with a clean driving record. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You work hard for the things that you have and in the end it’s up to you to protect your stuff.

Have Other Customers Been Satisfied With The Services?

Before you make your final decision it’s a great idea to ask for a list of past clients that you can contact to see what they say about the company’s service. Most businesses that use online marketing have social media profiles on every major site where you can look and see what customers have posted about their service. Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions to make sure you’re choosing the right people to move your vehicle. The slightest mis-calculation could turn a routine move into a moving disaster. Contacting prior clients will enlighten you to the truth about the car shipping company that you decide to go with and this is why researching is very important.

If you’re looking for one of the best car shipping services in the United States to get your car from one location to the other then call 424-272-5502. Pro Sport Auto Transport specializes in nationwide auto transport at affordable pricing to fit your relocation needs.




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Professional athletes, celebrities and other busy professionals rarely have the time or the inclination to transport their valuable, prized vehicles to the next city, state or even out of the United States. Since their respective vehicle(s) are often an integral part of their daily life, it is imperative that the owners be rejoined with their mode of transportation in a timely and safe fashion.

Time Constraints?

Busy professionals are fully cognizant of the demands on their time in today’s society. Moreover, there are occasions when it is impossible to move to their next area of employment and bring along one’s possessions, especially vehicles, in a manner they deem suitable and trustworthy. In addition, many professionals do not know where to turn to realize their hopes of having their vehicles and/or belongings shipped to their next destination. Unfortunately, when they do reach out for help they can become bogged down with disreputable transportation services that seek to take advantage of an athlete, celebrity or busy professional. Moreover, some transportation services are not available when called upon.

Our Quality Services

Professional careers are demanding. Therefore, Pro Sports Auto Transport not only recognizes this aspect of a busy professional’s life but offers courteous, proficient and timely delivery of one’s vehicle(s) and/or belongings in an expert, safe manner. There are literally hundreds of transportation services out there, so why us?

We believe you’ll agree that Pro Sports Auto Transport is a notch above the rest of the competition. Like professional athletes, celebrities and busy professionals, we are ever seeking ways in which to remain at the top of our profession. To this end, we currently offer 24/7/365 services to all of our clients. Moreover, as we know professional people are busy, we endeavor to provide our around the clock services with free quotes.  Indeed, we are a simple phone call away any time of the day, night or year.


Pro Sports Auto Transport has a variety of options for our clients. We recognize that our clients have varying needs and therefore we cater to meeting each client’s specific wants. Indeed, we not only offer our 24/7/365 day service, but moreover provide door to door service as well as enclosed vehicle shipping to prevent damage due to acts of nature as well as road debris. We also ship overseas. Best of all, you may trust that Pro Sports Auto Transport is fully insured, licensed and bonded. Again, like you, we endeavor to remain above the competition.

Additional Services

Pro Sports Auto Transport also offers other shipping needs. We realize that there are times when other personable items must be transported. We provide the same quality and professional service with anything we transport, leaving you with a worry free state of mind.

When looking for a reliable transport company, we believe you will find our services to be exemplary, affordable and professional as many athletes, celebrities and busy professionals have previously experienced. Feel free to call us at any time for your free quotation for having your vehicles and other personable items shipped to your complete satisfaction

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