Auto shipping companies are everywhere when you need them. Using auto shipping companies to move cars and relocate people can be an excellent asset to helping your business grow depending on the industry you’re in. It’s important to expand the abilities and services of your business to reach new horizons. Learning how to do this can be a complicating process so expect to do this one step at a time by slowly cultivating your connections. The big question is what industries would use an auto transportation company to move vehicles? This is a prime market and not every one moving can afford to pay a company to shuttle their car across America to the next place. Here are the industries that should take a serious look into using the services offered by auto transport companies.

Relocation Services

If they are servicing professional athletes, congress men or celebrities then this would be a good place to star. If these are like any other business then they are looking to delegate the tasks being performed out to smaller companies. So if they can get the contract then you can get some of the work on a smaller contract like shipping the car. People doing this have prize possessions like their cars that they would like to take with them when they are on the road so making connections with the people who own these businesses could turn into a great asset to have on your team.

Concierge Services

Concierge services are catering services. If they get a client staying in their city for any amount of time and would like a car delivered to them then this is another place in the auto transport industry. You can find a great amount of opportunity moving cars from one city to the next a back. Auto transportation is giving people the luxury of renting and riding whatever kind they want.

Auto Auctions

They have to get all the cars to the auto auction to make it work so try building contacts here. Insurance companies work with auctions to sell off all the assets that they acquire. Some of them may be in the best of conditions but will still have to be transported to the place being. This is where the auto transporter can offer their services to gain an inside track to get the business. Getting in on the ground floor is important so make these connections early. You never know what can come out of making friends in any industry when you do car shipping.

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