It was just reported that a vehicle transport carrying four luxury cars owned by Floyd Mayweather caught on fire in Phoenix, Arizona.  Two Roll-Royces, one Bentley and one custom Jeep were destroyed by the early Wednesday fire.

The vehicles were being transported from Las Vegas to Miami when the trailer carrying the cars caught on fire. According to the Arizona State Patrol the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but they report there were no injuries.

This is, of course, an unfortunate and sad event, but it also serves as a valuable lesson that anytime you are transporting vehicles you must always make sure the carrier or broker has sufficient insurance to cover such accidents.

Generally, luxury and exotic vehicles are best transported in enclosed trailers rather than open trailers. There is much less chance of damage occurring on a transport when an enclosed trailer is used.   When looking for an auto carrier, inquire about enclosed trailers and if they are not available, keep searching for carriers until you find one.  It really is the safest way to transport expensive vehicles.

Pro Sports Auto Transport has vast experience in shipping luxury and exotic vehicles nationwide.  We are in the business of providing peace of mind for the vehicle owner.  The greatest care is taken, the finest carriers are used and more-than-adequate insurance guarantees that your vehicles are fully covered and protected no matter where you want them shipped.