A word today about placing personal items in a vehicle scheduled for transport.

It would seem like a “no big deal” sort of thing, right?  Your vehicle is being transported to a new city, and just before it is picked up by the carrier, you put a few personal items in the vehicle for safe transport along with the vehicle?  Who’s to know? Who’s to care?

It turns out there are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t do this and why most vehicle transport companies prohibit the inclusion of personal items in a vehicle being shipped.

First, it is against FMCSA regulations for auto carriers to transports personal possessions within the vehicle.  Carriers literally can be fined for doing this.

Second, insurance companies will not cover the loss or damage of personal items within a transported vehicle.

Third, there are strict weight limitations that vehicle carriers must adhere to.  The additional weight inside the vehicle may cause an overweight situation. When that happens, the carrier must either risk fines for being overweight or they must refuse to take the vehicle. Considering the severity of the punishment, most carriers will refuse the vehicle.

Fourth, extra weight can cause damage to the undercarriage of the transporting vehicle during the loading and unloading process.

Add it all up and it equals some very formidable and logical reasons why people should never store personal belongings inside a vehicle scheduled for transport.