You have all probably heard the phrase ‘snowbird season’ but do you know what it means?

Snowbird Season is generally considered to be between the months of October and March, when many people, usually retirees, move from the cold northern climates to the warm, sunny southern climates. This happens most often in the Northeast states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc., and the exodus to states like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and even Arizona.

We mention this because this is the peak season for auto transport companies, and there are two points of interest you should consider about this season. One, there are many people moving south at this time, which means there are a great many auto carriers concentrated on established north to south routes.

Secondly, since there is so much activity, it could possibly be more difficult to arrange a transport on short notice. The more advanced notice you can give during this time of the year, the better!

Keep that in mind if you have a possible move that you are considering. As always, for all of your auto transport needs, call Pro Sports Auto Transports, the professionals in the auto transport business.