One of the questions we hear quite often at Pro Sports Auto Transport is how long it will take to deliver my car?

Just as the Laws of Supply and Demand affect price in most transactions, so too do the same laws affect delivery times.  Think about the number of auto transport companies as being a limited number, and they are all covering an area the size of fifty states, running to and fro, picking up, dropping off, constantly moving according to demand.

The words “normal time” rarely apply with auto transport.  We can say that a cross-country delivery will take from 7-14 days, but that may vary two or three days depending on the amount of advanced notice when making the reservation, the kind of weather encountered, and so on.

So, normal times are hard to determine, but a general statement would be 7-14 days cross-country; Midwest to east or west coast, half that time; up and/or down a coast, 3-5 days.

We do know for sure that the more advanced notice you can give, the better the chances that you will receive a good price quote and have your vehicle delivered sooner rather than later.

For all of your auto transport needs, call Pro Sports Auto Transport.  We are here to take away the guesswork and make your next move worry-free.